Courses at APC Bible College

Tailored to equip you make an impact

God has a purpose for your life. He has places for you to go, people He wants you to meet, plans He wants you to accomplish and dreams He wants you to fulfill.

Bible College Courses

The courses offered at APC Bible College have been specially designed to equip you to maximize your impact for God’s Kingdom.

Each academic year consists of two semesters, Fall semester (August to November) and Spring semester (January-April). Academic year commences with the Fall semester in August of each calendar year.
You can enroll as a student in any one of our three programs: 1-year Certificate (C.Th.), 2-year Diploma (Dip.Th.) or 3-year Bachelors degree (B.Th.) in Theology and Christian Ministry. Alternatively, you can take one or more courses of your choice, out of the 24 courses offered each semester. All lectures are in English.

All courses, with the same course content are available via all three learning options: ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE and E-LEARNING (free).
All courses are offered free via our E-Learning platform (

First Year courses are numbered BC-1xx. Second Year courses are numbered BC-2xx. Third Year courses are numbered BC-3xx. Once you complete all courses (both semesters) for First Year, you can progress to Second Year. Once you complete all courses for First Year and Second Year, you can progress to Third Year.

Course Evaluation

To successfully complete a course, you will require minimum 85% attendance and obtain a passing grade (Score 35% or better, Grade C or better).
Course will be graded as follows:
91% - 100% Grade A+
76% - 90% Grade A
51% - 75% Grade B
35% - 50% Grade C
Below 35% Grade F (Fail)

All courses have two classes each week except those marked with *. * indicates one lecture per week.


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