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New Testament Survey (BC-103)

About this course

The New Testament is the most valuable collection of writings from the ancient world. This collection of books has been regarded as the Church’s Scriptures since the early centuries of her existence, providing for the Church her primary witness to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. These scriptures did not fall into the Church’s lap, ready-made and leather-bound into a single book. Rather, they were written by a variety of authors in a variety of places throughout the first and early second centuries. They have different theological perspectives and prominences. This course will be a guide to recognizing and studying these books both individually, to respect their distinct theological voices, as well as a canon of Scripture read by the Church.

This course is designed to give the student an overall view of all the New Testament books, with an introduction to the author, date of writing of the book, purpose of writing the book, theme of the book, key verses and chapters in the book, and an outline of the book with the view of Christ in the book is given to the student. This study helps us learn about the covenant of grace and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and how this applies to our lives today.


No prerequisites for this course.

What you will learn

We will do an overview of each of the books in the New Testament:
01: Introduction to the New Testament
02: The Book of Matthew
03: The Book of Mark
04: The Book of Luke
05: The Book of John
06: The Book of Acts
07: The Book of Romans
08: The Book of I & II Corinthians
09: The Book of Galatians
10: The Book of Ephesians
10: The Book of Ephesians
12: The Book of Colossians
13: The Book of I & II Thessalonians
14: The Book of I & II Timothy
15: The Book of Titus
16: The Book of Philemon
17: The Book of Hebrews
18: The Book of James
19: The Book of I & II Peter
20: The Book of I, II, III John
21: The Book of Jude
22: The Book of Revelation

Course evaluation

Students will be given graded assessments during the Semester. Each of these assessments will be in reference to all content covered till that point in the course.

Course will be graded as follows:
91% - 100% Grade A+
76% - 90% Grade A
51% - 75% Grade B
35% - 50% Grade C
Below 35% Grade F (Fail)

Course learning options

You can do this course on-campus, online or via the E-learning portal.

Free learning resources

In addition to course materials provided by instructors, students are encouraged to make use of APC’s free learning resources: free APC books , free teaching sermons series , and other material available in the Resources section of our church website. Video recordings of course lectures are also available at APC Bible College YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do some courses ON-CAMPUS, some ONLINE and some via E-LEARNING?

Regardless of the learning option you choose (ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE or E-LEARNING) once you enrol, you are considered a student at APC Bible College and receive the same certificate/degree on completion of the program requirements. We also offer you the flexibility of completing some courses ON-CAMPUS, some courses ONLINE and others via the E-LEARNING platform. Your student Id remains the same. Please enrol in a course only in one learning option at a time (Example: Please do BC-101 either in Online classes or in E-learning during a particular semester. If you fail to complete BC-101 while doing it in Online Classes, in a future semester you can repeat BC-101 in E-learning).

Can I take courses in any order, or should I follow the order specified by the college?

We strongly recommend that you follow the sequence of courses outlined by the college, semester by semester, year by year. However, at your discretion you are welcome to take courses in any order and sequence. Kindly ensure you successfully complete all courses required for a particular program (C.Th., Dip.Th., or B.Th.) in order to receive that certificate.

Are the requirements to pass a course the same in all three learning options?

Not exactly. The course content remains the same in all three learning options (ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE or E-LEARNING). To successfully complete a course for ON-CAMPUS and ONLINE classes you must have both (A)minimum 85% attendance and (B)obtain a passing grade 35% marks or higher (grade C or better). For the E-LEARNING option, you must (A)watch all the lecture videos and (B)obtain a passing grade 35% marks or higher (grade C or better). The course assignments for ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE and E-LEARNING students may differ, and is left to the discretion of the Course Instructor.

Do you offer transfer credit for completing a certificate program?

We offer a certificate, diploma or bachelors degree from APC Bible College. We do not offer transfer credit for completing a course(s) or certificate program. Recognition of APC Bible College can vary based on the church/ Christian ministry/ institution/ organization/ agency that is reviewing your credentials and the country/region of their location and is the sole determination of the receiving church/ Christian ministry/ institution/ organization/ agency. Governmental agencies can also vary in their recognition of APC Bible College. At their discretion, the receiving organization may choose to give you transfer credit for the course(s) and certificate you have received from APC Bible College.

Will Christian organizations offer employment based on course(s) or certificate programs from APC Bible College?

This is the sole determination of the receiving church/ Christian ministry/ institution/ organization/ agency. Many APC Bible College graduates are successfully and fruitfully engaged in Christian ministry, some working independently and some working with Christian and other organizations.

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