Study Programs at APC Bible College

Something for everyone, something just for you

Who you are in Christ is who you really are. When you live out of your identity in Christ, you reign in life and live as an overcomer, as more than a conqueror.

Study Programs

We offer several options so that you can gain the equipping you need to fulfill God’s call on your life.

Selected Courses

We offer a total of 48 courses each academic year, 24 courses each semester. Select one or more courses from any level each semester and enjoy learning and being equipped with just those courses you feel are most important to you. A letter of completion will be given if required.

One Year Certificate in Theology and Christian Ministry (C.Th.)

Go through one year covering 16 courses. Get equipped in some of the key fundamentals and foundational aspects to life and ministry. This will also give you a good learning experience of what it is to be equipped at APC Bible College and whet your appetite for more.

Two Year Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry (Dip.Th.)

The second year of 16 courses helps you build further on a solid foundation on aspects that are important for practical ministry, ministering to peoples needs, responding to questions and also building healthy church communities. This is especially important for those who will be actively involved in local church or field ministry.

Three Year Bachelor Degree in Theology and Christian Ministry (B.Th.)

The third year is fuel for the long road ahead, to keep you going strong and steady through time. Learn how to study and draw insights from Scripture. We also cover practical aspects that help you organize and build a strong ministry that will last.


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