Learning Options at APC Bible College

At your pace

Faith in God works the same way today, as in Bible times, because God has not changed. Faith in God still moves mountains, heals the sick, delivers people and causes miracles.

Learning Options

On-Campus Classes


Attend classes on campus as a day scholar or a resident student. Interact freely with all our teaching faculty and church staff. Learn not only during class lectures but also through personal interaction, observing how we live and minister.

Classes are held each week day, Monday to Friday, of 50 minutes duration each, 9am to 12Noon (Indian Time, GMT+5.5). ON-CAMPUS students participate in morning devotions 8:15am-8:45am, Supernatural hour (12Noon-1pm), and optional practical ministry and guest lectures (2pm-5pm) each working day.

Virtual Classes


Attend classes from anywhere in the connected world. Once you enroll, you can connect to your lectures via Google Classroom and Google Meet. Please ensure you have a good computer and internet connectivity.

Classes are held each week day, Monday to Friday, of 50 minutes duration each, 9am to 12Noon (Indian Time, GMT+5:30). Please ensure correct local time, if you are in a different time zone. Online classes are a regular part of APC-Bible College. This allows students from anywhere in the world to be equipped at APC-Bible College.



We recognize that not everyone can attend classes ON-CAMPUS or ONLINE during the 9am-12Noon (Indian Timings) due to ongoing work, time difference and other commitments. People would like to listen to the lectures and do their learning at a time convenient to them. Our courses are also available on our E-LEARNING platform. The E-LEARNING platform contains recordings of the classroom lectures, lecture notes and assignments, which you can listen to each week and stay in step with the classes. Enroll at: apcbiblecollege.org/elearn

Regardless of the learning option you choose (ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE or E-LEARNING) once you enroll, you are considered a student at APC Bible College and receive the same certificate/degree on completion of the program requirements. We also offer you the flexibility of completing some courses ON-CAMPUS, some courses ONLINE and others via the E-LEARNING platform. Your student Id remains the same.


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